Saturday, December 31, 2011

Quince Jiffers and Joe Edwards

Found this photo in an antique store in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  If I'm correct the back says it's
Quince Jiffers and Joe Edwards.  May also be Quince Jeffers as that looks to be written also.  Not sure what the "Etho" that is written near the end of Edwards is all about.  Could it actually be Joe Edwards Etho?  Could it be an abbreviation for a last name?  Maybe Ethe?  Or Eth.?  There are alot of Ethertons or Atherton's across the river in Southern Illinois.  But anyhow I liked the photo.  It's really old and has enough information on the back that someone might recognize the names as their family.  I would love to find an old photo of any my ancestors that I've never seen before.  That would be just wonderful!  So maybe I can make someone else's day wonderful by them finding this picture of their family.

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