Friday, April 13, 2012


I've been thinking about purchasing a World War II War Ration Book on some of my antiquing trips.  But I just hadn't got around to it.  Probably because I always find pictures I want to spend my money on instead.  Well....Good Thing!!  Recently I've been going through old pictures with my mom and she had one of my Grandma's War Ration Books!!  I was ecstatic, overcome with excitement.  Could not believe my luck.  I would have just been happy to scan it and have a copy of it.  But NO!  My mom GAVE it to me!!  Awesome!  I guess she figures I'm the only child of hers that gives a hoot about history. 

Margie Flora and Beverly Flora, possibly in Highland Park, Michigan

I've been going through old photographs with my Mom.   And we were not sure who the little girl at the bottom was.  But after looking at the photo below of Grandma Margie Flora, we realized the two pictures were taken in the same studio.   Grandma Margie lived in Michigan with her brother Herman Flora, sister-in-law Alice Flora, and niece Beverly Flora.  So we figured out the little girl was Beverly Flora.   And the pictures were probably taken in Michigan.   Possibly Highland Park, Michigan.

I hate that this picture of Grandma Margie is messed up...but at least it's only messed up in the background. 

Margie Flora
Beautiful Studio
Beautiful Grandma

 Isn't Beverly (below) just TOO cute!!  So glad I have a family picture that's just as cute as some of my found unknown photos.  And I LOVE this studio background too!  As far as I know Miss Beverly Flora could still be alive.  I'll have to ask some of my family.  I don't think I've ever met her. 

Beverly Flora
Daughter of Herman and Alice Flora
Probably taken in Michigan

Great Grandma Maude Ann CHOATE FLORA Funeral, Tunnell Hill, Johnson County, Illinois

Grandma Margie Flora Foster

These are all pictures of my Grandma Margie FLORA FOSTER.  She passed away two months after I was born so I never knew her.   I'm not sure where these are taken but here are the most likely locations:  Tunnell Hill, Johnson County, Illinois
                  Crainville, Williamson County, Illinois
                  Carterville, Williamson County, Illinois
                  Highland Park, Michigan
                  Unknown location, Michigan
                  St. Louis, Missouri

Margie grew up in Tunnel Hill and Crainville.  Those locations are home.
Margie's mother, my Great Grandma Maude Ann CHOATE FLORA, passed away when Margie was about 2 or 3 years old.  After that she was raised by older sisters and older brothers who lived at various locations like St. Louis and Michigan. 

Great Grandpa Fred FLORA was still alive, but I guess he couldn't take care of such a young child.
This is not a good subject with my mother.  She says Fred shipped her out because he didn't want the responsibility.