Sunday, August 11, 2013

Old Advertisements from a Life magazine

This is the first time for me to use my phone to post on here. And it's possible that if it turns out OK I may actually post more often.

These are photos from a Life magazine.  It was super cheap as most the good stuff was already cut out of the magazine.  I think I paid like 50 cents for each magazine.  

I realize scans would be better...but I was aiming for "quick."

I guess I should have cropped the photos before putting them on here.
 Now that I have them on here I can't figure out how to crop them.
 I'm lazy so they are staying on here as is.

I believe this was an article not an advertisement.
Thought the picture of the hand and the title would be neat
for collage or scrapbook.

Smoke all you want! Yes!
Times have definitely changed.

Apparently they belief that menthol cigarettes don't leave
you with smoker's breath, smoker's cough, or dry mouth.
And apparently they also don't know that menthol cigarettes are
worse for you. (Or is that a myth?)

Yes there are two pictures of this ad.
This second picture I noticed is clearer
but doesn't show the whole advertisement.
So I just posted both ads.

"Stop worrying about over-smoking"

I can't remember why I didn't take a picture of the whole advertisement.
Probably because I thought it uninteresting.
 But I did like the circle with "Get more out of life with Coffee."

"It's the flavour"
Well I guess flavor is misspelled
because my spell-checker tells me so.
So this would be an example of what NOT to do if you
work in the newspaper business.

"No, Junior, you can't have the plane tonight...Dad and I are using it!"
Did they think airplanes would replace the automobile?
Looks that way.

I just wanted a picture of the title to this article.
  I like the way it looks and thought it would be
cute in a collage or in a scrapbook.

So I wonder how she keeps her man fit?

I don't know. I don't really like this ad.
But I thought maybe someone would.

Ha Ha!  She looks like she is going to stab
someone with those knitting needles!

Yea this is a bit blurry. Sorry. I was mostly aiming to get a picture
of the top part of the advertisement. I liked the pink. (Pinks my
favorite color.)

OK. I'm not so old that I don't
have a sense of humor.
Someone could have fun with this in
their art work.

Once again I was going for the title.
"Drink Hearty, Mates!"
Could make a fun collage with this.

These are free for you to use if you like. These are from several Life magazines dating from 1941 to I think around 1946.