Monday, December 23, 2013

Vintage Christmas Cuteness

Vintage Christmas Cuteness

From a vintage children's book

The Snowman Who Wanted To Stay by Sarah Derman

Illustrations by Dorcas, Copyright, 1948, by Whitman Publishing Co.

Yes I have tons more cards from the Virginia Simmons Scrapbook.  And yes I have oodles more to share from the Dexter, Missouri Scrapbook of Breslau Baker.  But I am ADD and I never stick to the point at hand.'s some cute Christmas pictures from a vintage child's book, "The Snowman Who Wanted to Stay." 

I found this book at a yard sale this fall. I bought them from the original owner (who is much older now). He was very happy to sell them to someone who would love and cherish them like he did. He was surprised that I wanted them as the books (I bought 2 books) did not have the covers.

I have to also mention that the seller was going to sell a United States Navy pillow case from WWII that his father sent home to his mother.  He had the letter to go with it in the original envelope with postmark and all. I asked the seller, "Are you sure you want to sell this?" He thought a second and said, "No I believe I don't." Whew! Close call on his part. I'm so glad he kept such an important memento. 

Don't get me wrong. I love to find these types of old things. Letters, pictures, scrapbooks, etc. The things that really tell us about someone's life. Things that tell us a History. But I'm always amazed that some family member doesn't want these things. Shoot, I want to purchase my parents a fire proof safe to keep all their things in so as not to EVER lose them in a fire. But I could never afford a safe big enough. Hahaaha.

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