Friday, December 13, 2013

Found Scrapbook with Old Cards

Virginia Simmons Scrapbook

I found this scrapbook in an antique store in Cape Girardeau, Missouri a couple of years ago. The scrapbook itself was falling apart and disintegrating into pieces.  That being the only reason I removed the cards from the scrapbook. (I have strong feelings about NOT removing items from found scrapbooks. But I won't go into that.) Most of the scrapbook is Christmas Cards. Yeah! Perfect for this time of the year. But there are a few other cards. Some contain little notes.

This scrapbook belonged to a Virginia Simmons. I haven't researched her but I believe she is from Cape Girardeau or at least lived in Cape Girardeau because I recognize some of the names of people she received these cards from. 

I tried to crop out some of the names in case some of the people are living and don't want their names on here. If this bothers anyone I will remove the card or photoshop the name off the card. However there may be some person out there doing genealogy research that appreciates the signatures of their relatives. You know, for sentimental reasons.

Christmas Cards

Well here are just a few of the Christmas Cards in this Cape Girardeau Scrapbook belonging to Virginia Simmons.  Use any of these vintage Christmas cards you like for your personal use. Not to resell and make money off of them. Not for commercial use.

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