Monday, December 23, 2013

Look Who Got Into the Wrapping Paper

OK this one may be a little blurry but it's the ONLY one I look remotely happy in.

I'm curious about the Christmas presents. I just know there's some under there for me!

Still sniffing.

Ok, I'm just going to ignore you.

I'm not really very happy about this.

Please let me out of this!

I really don't have time to be wrapping the pet dog in wrapping paper but it just hit me. Yes another diversion to make me forget what it was I am supposed to be working on. Oh yeah I was bringing the box of wrapping paper up from the basement. This roll fell out of the box and rolled down the stairs. (Probably because I was bringing the Christmas Tree box AND the wrapping paper box up at the same time.) The wrapping paper came partly unrolled. And in this house that means it's a goner....can we say FURRY wrapping paper. Can we say DOG HAIR wrapping paper. So the pet dog got wrapped in wrapping paper for her punishment for leaving dog hair all over the floor.  LOL.

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