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Dexter, Missouri Scrapbook

Dexter, Missouri Scrapbook

Since I've started collecting old photos and other paper items, I've developed an interest in old scrapbooks. Several points that I find interesting about old scrapbooks is that you get more information on the person who took or collected the items.  Plus, well, the more the better. Right?  I don't just want ONE picture....I want MORE pictures.  

Well goody goody gum drops I got my first scrapbook several months ago. Yeah, it's taken me a while to get around to posting about it. Sorry. Anyhow, I found this scrapbook in an antique store, Pastimes Antiques, in Cape Girardeau, Mo. This particular dealer had the scrapbook marked at $10.00. That's a steal as it is. But wait, there's more. It was 50% off! The wonderful scrapbook only cost me $5.00! 

The scrapbook belonged to Breslau Baker. Breslau kept this scrapbook during her high school years at Dexter High School in Dexter, Missouri. (Stoddard County) I haven't read the entire scrapbook real close as of yet, but it looks like it mostly covers the years 1921 - 1923. There is a Dexter High School Graduating Class of 1923 picture. I'm not sure if Bres is in this picture.

Dexter High School, Dexter, Missouri
Class of 1923

Miss Baker's scrapbook does not have a front cover, nor a back cover, the pages are coming apart, and at first glance looks in really bad shape. Maybe that's why I got it for such a steal. But what's awesome about this scrapbook is that it is plumb full of pictures (most with names), personal writings, newspaper clippings, school programs, letters, and all kinds of information. The book may be coming apart, but the pages are in great shape and very readable for the most part. Well most of the pages are in great shape, the first few pages are kind of rough.

 I so wish I could find something like this from my areas of genealogy research.  (hint hint. I really want stuff like this from Carterville, Illinois. That would be Carterville, Williamson County, Illinois.)  

Here's the front page of Miss Breslau Bakers Scrapbook

Front of Breslau Baker's Scrapbook
Dexter, Missouri

Here's the inside of the Junior Senior Banquet program.

Close ups of the news clippings from the front page. The first is from underneath the school program.

Dexter (Mo.) Graduating Class.
  DEXTER,MO., May 15, - Diplomas will be given to the largest class ever graduated from Dexter High School, after the commencement address by Prof. R.S. Douglas, dean of the Teachers' College, Cape Girardeau, tomorrow night.  The following graduate:  Eldon H. Bollinger, Moses G. Boyer, Anna Fern Cain, Freda Irene Carr, Florence M. Counts, Joseph F. De Bolt, Eulen E. De Jarnett, Edna Ruth Felix, Rufus Paul Felix, Laura Elizabeth Garner, Charles Edward Gladden, Goldia Agnes Greene, Ethel B. Huddeston, Frederick Caleb Hinshaw.

  Mery (Mary?) Helen Carter coming to us from Cape Girardeau High School entered the freshman class
  We are glad to have Eula De Jarnett back with us this week.
  At present our regular attendance in high school is 220.
Wh-----------------------be when the new high school--------is completed?
  Monday night, November-----------------------
School Carnival will be b--------------high school building.
  Moses Boyer and Neo------------------------
out of school this week of ----------------sickness.

Second page and close ups of items on this page.

Persons mentioned in the above writing and a few translations that I can make out -

Mr. Robert Hill (Something about him wanting to recall the pleasures of his youth so he tried to climb Long ????.  The treck was too great for his dainty wife & her death was the result.)

Mr. E.J. Rose & his beautiful wife (live near St. Mary, Mo. His smile is brighter this day for ???? he goes to drive his tractor, the largest plow in the country.)

Moses Smith (made his fortune in the grocery line, he now owns a chain of Piggly Wiggly stores thru out Arkansas)

Jimmie Stroud

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Minton and their daughter Marion

Mr. & Mrs. McGlothlin (Alaska is mentioned)

Myrtle Hartz (and Bres are leaving for somewhere in the ?)

Juanita Hardy (something about state wide fame for a dictation in short hand)

Joe De Bolt (is a company manager for the Democrat party)

Mr. & Mrs. Ned Jones (they live on a little farm south of town and raise cattle and chickens)

Mrs. Jones

Miss Fern Cain

The picture below  is the item contained in the envelope on the second page.  It's an invitation dated 11/12/23 for a surprise Birthday Party given in honor of Mrs. Tom Baker's son Clyde Baker. It is his 17th birthday.  The party is at Myrtle Hartz home.

A random page with pictures and names.

Top right picture -
Above the picture the person I believe is identified as "Lois Craig Johnson"
Under the picture Bres states "I, being victorious in the fight for this picture am now proud possessor."

Top left and middle picture -
"The G.C.C.'s, Taken Nov 23.  Bess Keaton, Lavina Morton, Olive Hughes, Myrtle Hartz, Beulah Edwards, Bres, Lois Johnson."

Bottom picture -
"A pond in which we went bathing, at Shawneetown, Ill. Aug '23 Pond covers 80 acres. I met 4 girls from Beardstown & one girl Bess Waller from Shawneetown."

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