Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Another Page in Bres Baker's Dexter Missouri Scrapbook from the 1920's

Press Notes & Clippings
A newspaper article about the city of Dexter, Mo. receiving bids from various construction companties to build the new Dexter High School.   

Transcription of the above newspaper article from Dexter, Mo.
(I have made some spelling corrections in the transcription. I also learned a new word "appurtenances."
From Wikipedia - "Appurtenances is a term for what belongs to and goes with something else.")


  Last Saturday night, the Board of Education met and let the contract for the new high school building.
  On opening the bids they found the following firms had bid from the winning bid of $53,890 up to as high as $82,295.93.  To catalog them from least to greatest:

  McCarthy Construction Company, St. Louis, Mo., $53,890.00
  Chesley Clements, Boomfield, Mo., $56,335.50
  J.J. Miller Company, Illmo, Mo.,  $57,785
  Gerhardt Construction Co., Cape Girardeau, Mo., $58,985.00
  J.P. Busekrus, Warrenton, Mo., $60,836.40
  Boyer, Aldous & Brewer, Kennett, Mo., $68,896.45
  M. Laubis, Poplar Bluff, Missouri, $82,295.93.

  The McCarthy Construction of St. Louis, offering the lowest bid, was awarded the contract.
  The building will be of brick and stone construction, three stories high with twelve recitation rooms and departments for Agriculture, Commerce, Teachers' Training and an auditorium gymnasium, and all other appurtenances of the most modern high school structure.
  It is with pride that we state that when this building is completed, it will be as up-to-date as any in all this section, and the people of Dexter will be justly proud of it.  It is in keeping with the spirit of this progressive town that has made it a leader in this section.
  We congratulate the Board on the good results in getting this bid.  It shows that this building could rightly be called an eighty-odd thousand dollar building as that is what one firm considered it worth.

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