Thursday, October 6, 2011

Found Photos, J.H. Trotter Jr. Family, At Shoreham

I found these photographs in an antique store in Anna, Illinois called Memory Lane Antiques.  They always have a nice selection of old photos, postcards, books, and other things right up my alley.  I bought these pictures because I love old photos of people enjoying a day at the beach.

I did some googling and found several different Shorehams.  The most comman occurance was Shoreham by the Sea in England.  But in looking around I found there is a town called Shoreham in Minnesota that has many lakes nearby.  The landscape and water on those lakes in Minnesota look more like these pictures to me than Shoreham by the Sea in England.  But it's just a guess.  Maybe someone else out there has an idea.  Or even better if someone knows this "J.H. Trotter Jr. family".

Does anyone have a Gene Trotter in their family?  That's the only complete first name given (the little boy with white blonde hair).

Enjoy!  The pictures of the children are so CUTE!


  1. Loved these old photos! It could be Minnesota..:)

    1. Thank you very very late. I actually thought I had replied to you but I don't see that I have. I must have imagined it. Haha. I get so distracted sometimes...well all of the time.