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Little Toot Railroad, Carterville, Illinois

Little Toot Railroad

Carterville, Illinois
And some Scott Family Memories
As a young child my Grandparents, Frank and Peggy SCOTT, often took me to ride "Little Toot".  What wonderful memories!  I have no idea when Little Toot opened or when Little Toot closed.  But I know many people in Southern Illinois miss Little Toot!
Little Toot was off of new Route 13 right at Carterville, Illinois.  You would turn left if going towards Carbondale or turn right if going towards Marion. 
Just down the road from Little Toot was my Uncle Don SCOTT.  (actually Great Uncle)  Don was very handsome and he had a beautiful wife and two beautiful girls.  I loved visiting them.
I also remember visiting another of  Grandpa Frank's brothers, Earl SCOTT and his wife,  Aldine.  Earl was a character!  Very funny.  I also remeber visiting a sister of Grandpa Frank, Kay SCOTT.  She might have been Kay HOUSTON.  I remember a nephew of Grandpa Frank, Scotty HOUSTON.  He may have belonged to Kay.  He was cute and had a very pretty wife with long long beautiful hair. 
All these SCOTT's lived in Carterville, Illinois.  They were the children of Walter SCOTT (1886-1984)  and Mary TREGONNING SCOTT (1891-1975). 
All this was a long time ago and I believe all of Grandpa Frank's brothers have passed on. 
Little Toot Railroad Postcard
Back of Postcard Reads:

Little Toot Railroad
Miniature railroading at its best.  The real steam locomotive travels over 1/2 mile of 15 inch gage track,
by route 13 between Carbondale and Marion, Ill.  Another attraction in Scenic Southern Illinois.

Grandpa Frank Scott with Great Grandson, Dakota.





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