Saturday, September 24, 2011

5 Boren Brothers Serve in World War II

My Great Grandma Lulu Boren had to endure World War II with all 5 of her boys serving our great country, The United State Of America. Since I'm not that great of a writer I will let the pictures and newspaper articles tell the story. 

Dr. Clinton Boren, Ryburn Boren, John Boren, Joe Boren, and Russell Boren are the 5 sons of James Dallas and Lulu Boren that served in World War II.  Bill Phillips and Edward Lange son in laws of James and Lulu. Both are husbands of Martha Jane Boren. Bill Phillips died in World War II and she later married Edward Lange. Jimmy Boren is the son of Ryburn Boren (I think). If someone knows for sure about Jimmy let me know.

"Mrs. J.D. Boren Asked To Christen Ship This Spring", The Free Press Newspaper, Carbondale, Illinois; 21 Jan 1944; Vol.40, No. 115, Page 1;

"5 Sons in Services, She Christens Tanker", The Telegraph Herald, Dubuque, Iowa; Sunday, 30 Apr 1944; Vol. 109, No. 105, Page 8;

"Mother of Five Sons Given Armed Forces Christens Tanker", Council Bluffs Nonparell, Council Bluffs, Iowa; 30 Apr 1944; page 1;

"Mr. and Mrs. Boren Of Carterville Leave To Christen Ship", The Free Press, Carbondale, Illinois; Friday, 28 Apr 1944; page 3;

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